YouTube Version 14.38.53 - 2022

YouTube Version 14.38.53
YouTube Version 14.38.53 | ProAppApk

YouTube Apk download is an ideal and free entertainment platform with billions of contents on almost all topics, all for free. It has also many features such as the opportunity of uploading your constants without paying anybody, video advancement for low information wastage, best video sharing stage, dark mode for saving battery and eyes friendly.  Anyone can make the channels, also have a public sharing link option that means no need to use the app to open you can open links in any browser.  Video quality sifting, also support the highest resolution video like 4k and 8k, etc. Easy to use, video fast forward option, the creator can go live with their subscribers, subscribers can donate their favorite creator, Creator can also make money by monetizing their video.

Some Features with details About Youtube Apk download:

  • Quality and formats: YouTube Apk has a different and quality level of video formats. It has an option to watch videos in 3gp, MP4, 720p HD, 1080p HD. YouTube Apk videos are available in a range of quality levels. The former names of SQ, HQ, and HD have been replaced by the vertical resolution of the videos.
  • Playback: Previously, you had to install the Adobe Flash Player plug-in to view YouTube Apk videos on a PC. Now YouTube Apk has launched the built-in multimedia of web browsers supporting the HTML5 standard. It is allowed you to watch videos without installing Adobe Flash Player or any other plug-in.
  • Video Management: Video is the main focus of YouTube Apk, and improving its performance is crucial. Based on user requests, the content management system now has two new features. The first is the ability to update custom printers on your mobile device, and the second is the option to enable or turn off cash on your videos, no matter where you are.
  • Better Live Streams: Not just streaming video content. Entertainment, gaming, learning and more are part of the delivery system. Creators, whether they are videos, apps or games, make it easy to set up and manage their streams.
  • Annotations: In the past, users could add "annotations" to their videos, such as messages and links. It has now removed from all videos. Widgets were introduced to replace data in a systematic way, including the "final version". (a set of standard approved videos templates near the bottom of the video) and "cards",
  • 360-Degree Videos: This is one of the newest YouTube Apk features. New video capture tools like GoPro and Slider Recording are 360-degree features that let you add a whole new dimension to the information you see. The recently added 360-degree section allows viewers to see everything they're doing in a particular place. If you don't have a lot of immersive experience, YouTube Apk is working hard to add 3D.
Final words; YouTube Apk allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. YouTube Apk is the best video sharing, watching and uploading website. The download link is given below.