Paytm Version 8.3.3 - 2022

Paytm Version 8.3.3

Paytm Version 8.3.3 | ProAppApk

Paytm is India's largest leading payment gateway which offers wide-ranging of payment services for customers and merchants. As per the company, there are millions of merchants who are using this QR code for their day-to-day transactions. Paytm users are increasing day by day because of the benefits they are providing to the customers and also they are providing a lot of cashback offers too.

Paytm is a digital payment platform which allows a customer to transfer their money, deposit cash, shopping,  online transfers, bill payments, etc..etc.. Now in India, almost all people love to use Paytm service since they need not carry a checkbook, cash, debit card, credit card etc when they move out for purchase. The only thing you have to need to activate Paytm and transfer cash to the wallet is, just set up an account using your mobile number and email id. The process of opening the Paytm service is so simple and easy that all procedures can be completed within a few minutes. You can add up to Rs.10000 in your wallet, and if you want to increase your monthly limit, you can get the KYC (Know Your Customer) process done and that also can be done online with Paytm app itself.

Paytm main uses are money transfer, ticket bookings, recharges for mobile phones, metro cards, DTH cable, data cards, movie ticket bookings, bill payments, etc.. Paytm was founded in August 2010 by the founder Vijay Shekar Sharma, in Noida. Paytm said that they have over 150 million Paytm wallet users, making it one of the biggest online payments platform in the country.

Some key features of Paytm

  • Easy Account opening: You can open an account on Paytm by using your Paytm app. The account opening procedure is user-friendly and all processes can be done within 2 minutes. You also require KYC details to fill up which can be done through Paytm app.
  • No Minimum Balance: All Banks require a minimum balance or else penalty will be charged. But Paytm doesn't charge any penalty. You are free to keep zero balance in your Paytm account.
  • Pay Offline: With Paytm wallet we can make cash-less payments even without internet connectivity.  You just need the QR code to be scanned along with an OTP number. By this, we can do our transactions even if we are offline also. This is one of the highlighted features of Paytm app.
  • Free Online Transactions: Paytm does not charge for any online transactions/fund transfer. The transfer can be done through UPI, IMPS, or NEFT.
Final Words- The expanded form of Paytm is Pay Through Mobile. The word itself explains the benefit of the app. All transactions that we do by going to the bank can be done through this Paytm mobile app by sitting at home. The most useful feature of Paytm is that we don't need to carry cash or our wallet when we move for a purchase. The only thing we need in our hand is mobile for using Paytm service. The link for downloading the Paytm app is given below.