Whatsapp Beta Version 2.19.244 - 2022

Whatsapp Beta Version 2.19.244 | ProAppApk

Whatsapp is a free messaging app. that provides you the best and fast messaging service. with some extraordinary features like fast messaging with encryption technology , all message storage in single device that saves us from hacking, encryption of your messages databases, two-step verification- that give us dual security form hackers, data backup features- by using this features you can backup your message databases on different platform such as Google Drive, One-Drive, Dropbox, and in your Sd card also that saves you from losing your important conversation with your loved ones and your cheater partner also, delete for everyone future- that gives you independence to delete your sent messages after the delivery of message.

Whatsapp is launched by company Whtatsapp Inc. Whatsapp is made by a developer named Jan Koum. Recently Whatsapp is sold to Facebook. so it is also a facebook product. WhatsApp is also the best app to viral any of your posts after facebook. it has too many users worldwide, especially in India. you can also put stories (Status) on your WhatsApp and the viewer can reply on your status by swiping up directly to your inbox. recently WhatsApp introduced fingerprint locking and unlocking future that is very fast and accurate.

Some Key Futures With Details:

  • Stories (status)  - By using this feature you can put photos, videos with your family and friends and your loved ones this photo and video will automatically delete after 24hrs. but you can also delete it before 24hrs. You can also see who you viewed your status. you can also set privacy if you do not want to show some of your status. and the default is my contact it means only your saved contacts can view your status.
  • Groups - Here you can make groups and do group chat and share your thoughts and messages to more than one person at one time. you can put the maximum number of 257 in a single group. you can also silent any WhatsApp group chat if it is noising too much. 
  • Media Sharing - You can also share any kind of media from your Whatsapp to another WhatsApp users in a minute WhatsApp will also compress your media to save your data and transfer it fast and protect you from hanging your phone.
  • Blocking - You can also block any annoying friend or any of your relatives to protect you from getting any kind of fake and annoying messages.
  • Free calls- You can also make free calls to any WhatsApp user. you can save lots of money by using these futures. its voice is soo clear and fast without wasting lots of data.
  • Broadcast - This feature is used for sending messages to many numbers at the same time. 
  • Whatsapp Web - Yo can also handle your WhatsApp from your pc and chat with your loved ones during working on your pc. just you have to scan QR code from your smartphone. 
  • Starred Message - You can also add any message to starred message to protect from losing and accidentally Deletion of any important message.
Final Words -  Whatsapp is a very cool app for messaging with a large number of users and WhatsApp is also the second-largest messaging platform after Facebook. The download link is given below.