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Facebook is the easiest and faster method to get connected with our friends and families. There are a lot of people who had find their old school mates and college mates with the help of Facebook. The Facebook app helps us to stay connected with all our loved ones. We can share videos, photos etc with our friends through this app and can also play games with our Facebook friends.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media apps which is available to download free of cost. Facebook is an American online social network media founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. We can share our favorite snaps, videos, locations, etc and always keep the news updated with our friends.

Some features with details:

  • Stay connected:- Facebook helps us to stay connected with friends and our families. It also introduces us to new friends and people on social media from different countries.
  • Groups:-  If you're into business or any new activities you can form a group on Facebook and share your products in the group so that it can reach to a set of people.  Having such a group allow you to connect and you will be able to provide maximum information about your product.
  • Filter the content:-  Facebook members will be able to filter the content of what they want to see. There is full privacy in the content we share. We get the option whether we should share it to the public or to a selected people only.
  • Get notifications:- Facebook another feature is that we get notified when our friends send us some photos, videos or any other messages. It will always give notification of birthdays, anniversaries etc of our loved ones on a date. 
Final words: Facebook can be considered as our personal organizer since it helps us to store, save and share photos or videos with full privacy. Facebook also update with us the latest news and events that occur all over the world. You can also create your own albums and keep a back up on Facebook.
Giving below the link to download the Facebook app.