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Instagram is a social networking app and one of the digital networking application loved by almost all users. Instagram provides the user to share their photos, videos etc to their friends or family members who are near and far free of cost. It is similar to other social network apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Nowadays, almost all new generation's are addicted to this Instagram app. Instagram is also helpful for businessmen and other marketing officials since they can share and market their products easily with Instagram.

Instagram is a social media network application that is owned by Facebook and now used by millions of people. The downloading numbers are increasing daily and this app can be used in IOS and Android versions. Like another social network, with Instagram also a user can interact with others, friends or families, by following them or being followed by them on Instagram. They can also interact with another user by liking their page, sending private messages, sharing our photos and videos, etc.

Some highlighted features of Instagram with details:

  • Connect with friends and families: With Instagram, we can Share photos, videos, stories etc in our post and stay connected with our friends and families always. If we are sharing our images and videos in stories, there is also a feature that, these photos will be disappeared after 24hrs.
  • Get notifications: In Instagram, we can set our priority accounts. We can set a notification for these accounts. By doing this what all new information and details are posted in that account, we get a notification and update about it. It is an extra benefit especially introduced for businessmen and marketing people.
  • Archive your post: Another highlighted feature is that we can archive our images and store on Instagram. If we feel any of the old photos need not be shown to the public, we can archive that image into our personal storage. No one will be able to see the post which is archived. If needed later, we can restore it back also.
Final words: Instagram is an application loved by the new generation and old generation people. Instagram brings new updates with new features almost weekly. Sharing of images and videos make more interesting in Instagram because we can share images, videos etc by adding hashtags, emojis etc and have more fun with sharing. Images can be also adjusted with Instagram, by adding more brightness, editing images, erasing, etc. We can also watch and share our live videos through Instagram. For easy download of the Instagram app, click the link below: