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Messenger is a free and one of the instant messaging app which was developed by Facebook and now used worldwide. Even if Messenger is said as a messaging app it has more uses and benefits other than messages such as sharing images, sharing videos and audio, can have group chats and we can even make video and audio calls. Even if the Messenger is owned by Facebook, the apps and website of Messenger are totally different from that of Facebook. Because if we want to use a Messenger app it is not necessary that we need a Facebook account. 

Messenger app can be downloaded free of cost and we can sync our phone contacts or Facebook contacts with Messenger so that we can get easily connected with our friends. With video and audio calls, Messenger helps us to stay connected with our friends and families whole over the world, without paying any cost for calls or messages, we need is only an internet plan. Messenger also provides lots of emojis by which you can express yourself, group chatting, chat head, etc.

Some features of Messenger with detail:

  • Send Instant Text, Picture & Video message: Messenger provide instant messaging service. We can share audio, video message, group messaging. We will also be able to see,  who all read the messages that we sent, and with the typing indicator, we can see who all are writing message to us.
  • Make audio & video calls: There are two icons on top when we open the messenger app. The phone icon and the camera icon. Phone icon is for audio call and the camera icon for video call. Calls can be made through our phone or desktop device in which there is a messenger downloaded.
  • Send money securely: There is also an option of send and receive money from friends connected with the messenger app. For this, we just need to add our PayPal account detail or debit card detail linked with the app.
  • Share our location: Messenger also provides to share our locations to our friends in just a single tap by the build-in location sharing option available in the app.
  • Play games: Messenger also have the option of play games. We can play games with our friends which make the game more interesting and challenging. 
Final words: There are many other packed features available on Messenger. Because of their new features & updates, Messenger had already crossed more than 10 million downloads. Messenger help a person to be together with their loved ones even if they are near or far with their simple and instant messaging feature. Download the latest version of the Messenger app by clicking the link below...