Parallel Space Version 4.0.8806 - 2022

Parallel Space Version 4.0.8806

Parallel Space Version 4.0.8806|ProAppApk

Parallel Space is an app that allows a user to manage two different user accounts of any application that a user wishes to install on their android gadget. In the present world, most of the user wish to carry a single phone with two sims. Parallel Space helps the user to use 2 different app accounts in both the sims. For example, if a user requires What's up on Sim 1 and Sim 2, Parallel Space will help the user for creating two accounts in two different sims in a single phone. 

Parallel Space was developed by LBE Tech and the founder of the app is Yong Zhang, the CEO of LBE Tech. One of the unique and highlighted features of this app is that Parallel Space is based on MultiDroid which is considered as the first virtualized application engine available on Android. Parallel space is a tool that helps a user to create a separate space on their device with two different user accounts. With the help of Parallel Space, anyone can create and also manage two different accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome etc and not only that a user can even create two Uber account also with Parallel space tool in two sims in a single phone.

Some highlighted features of Parallel Space with details:

  • Switch identity in one tap: A user can connect with different groups and chats of different apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc with only one single tap. The user can switch to any apps easily in a very simple way.
  • User convenience: A user can set up a personal and an official social media app in their single phone carrying two sims. By this, they can store all personal photos, videos, docs etc differently without mixing up with official documents. Parallel space is a tool that is stable, powerful and can be used easily.
  • Protect user Privacy: Parallel space help user to protect and safeguard their privacy by their special feature like making apps invisible. Parallel space also provides a security lock system for user privacy.
  • Multiple accounts and Games: A user can create multiple accounts of apps that they require. The data of these multiple app accounts will be stored separately and won't be mixed together. Users can also create double user accounts for game apps also and get more fun experiences while gaming.
Final Words: Parallel Space is now one of the most popular and top-ranked tools. Parallel Space is a perfect app or tool for mobile users who are more addicted to mobile games and social apps. A user can use this as a totally independent and separate operating system. It is considered one of the most popular tool apps and because of the advantages and unique features, Parallel Space now already crossed more than millions of downloads. Given below the link for easy download of the Parallel Space app.