PhonePe Version 3.4.02 - 2022

PhonePe Version 3.4.02

PhonePe Version 3.4.02 | ProAppApk

PhonePe is one of the leading UPI based E-Commerce payment apps that helps us to experience a cashless payment method for the goods we purchase.  It allows us to transfer money from one bank to another, make online bill payments, online shopping, hotel bookings, etc very easily. In a very short period of time, this PhonePe app is downloaded by 10 million users in all over India. PhonePe app has received many awards and won the award was the Best Digital Wallet award they received in 2019.

PhonePe is owned by Flipkart and the founder of PhonePe app is Mr. Sameer Nigam. In 2015 PhonePe app was introduced and now it has become so popular app in India that it is considered to be one of the best E-Commerce payment app. Since it is a UPI app, a person can transfer money within two banks without any IFSC code, net banking password details, etc. It is so easy and the most advantage of the PhonePe app is that it can be done online and offline too.

Some Key features of PhonePe app with Details:

  • Supports all payment methods: - Those who are using the business app of PhonePe, it supports all type of payment methods like a credit card, debit card, BHIM UPI, etc.
  • For money transfer no daily limit: - There is no daily limit of money that can be transferred in your bank account. We can transfer any amount of money to the bank with the help of PhonePe app.
  • Easy and Fast: - For connecting a bank account with your PhonePe app, the customer requires only a mobile number and the name of the bank in which the customer has the account. And with only these details you can link your bank account with PhonePe. There are no other multiple authentication methods for this app.
  • Safe And Convenient: - It is safe and convenient to the customer because for all users of UPI payment system, they have given a VPA (Virtual Payment Address). And this VPA replaces the bank account details of a customer. 
Final words: Phonepe is very popular in India and it is considered as one of the best E-Commerce payment app which provides a cashless payment method. It is so convenient to use that because of this reason that download number of customers is increasing.  Millions of people have downloaded their app till now and using this app frequently. For customer convenient PhonePe has now introduced 11 different languages to use this app. There are no service charges collected from the customers and all transaction are made easily and free of cost. To be safer and secure an MPIN is given to all customers which they need to enter for each transaction.

The download link of PhonePe app is given below: