PUBG Mobile Version 0.14.0 - 2022

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The PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) is a very popular game these days and everyone talking about it. Everyone seems to take interest in it because of its features, graphics, users can play the game with voice interaction, takes less space, easy to download, and the best thing is that its iOS(i.e., iPhone) version is available very easily. PUBG Moblie is a persistent online game and you need an internet connection via mobile data of wifi. Its tech space for the use of Andrion phones are about 5.1 higher and at least use 2GB of RAM. My personal experience has played on Samsung Galaxy 7, faced no problems and really enjoyed it. For iPhone version, you'll iSO 9.0 or lower from it, all ranges of iPhone models back to 5s iPads back to iPad mini and as well iPod touches 6 gen. PUBG game is published by Tencent Games and its developer name is  Tom Salta. It is available for Android and iOS (as mentioned above. The game is currently in the deployment phase, starting March 19, 2018, which is an ousting and exciting part for the users of PUBG. The release of the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 version is the latest development by Tencent.

The game itself free to download, free to play. this is a reward system game that gives chance users to earn coins for completing and participation in different challenges and levels. For example, you need to login, travel to a particular distance to survive to complete the specific level. You can use your coins to buy the new items clothes, guns, positions in the game, otherwise you have to start in your underwear, lol.....Tencent games launched PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 version and it is available for download on Android. This is also designed to work on low qualities phone as the original version was developed.

The main features of the game are:

It contains many new elements like new mode, new characters, rewarded coins and much more. Infection mode is a really very acceptable thing of this version, you can play a defender or as a zombie in a new map and scenes. By this, you can test your strategic skills. Infection Mode is set in the new map which looks like an abandoned suburb at dawn! players can change the layout settings from buttons when they are fighting with the zombies, though they have fewer numbers to control regular layouts. They tried to fix all the bugs by a new theme, restoked gadgets Royal Pass season 8.

Ther are some swimming shaped jump pads and stairs which helps players to quickly jump on the rooftop or high places to avoid zombies. A fresh character system introduced by adding a new character named "Victor''. This is very attractive because of own clothes skills and actions- its ability to load SMGs is faster than others. Players can pick up Victor from the characters section under the Workshop button. Moreover, there is also available a Globel Treasure Hunt Challenge for Royal Pass owner players, which converted into 4 stages and very stage looks different from each other. Each level has seven stages, with two missions in every stage- players have to unlock all levels to get coin rewards.

It included a Pirate menu with the latest designed interface section mode. With this redesigned fresh theme players can find or look the hidden treasures like gold, silver, and bronze levels to win rewards, moreover, PUBG Mobile included a separate download button on the lobby to easily pause or resume a new map. PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 entering new regions with an outing in North America Europe and more other countries. Also new is that they added upgraded background support iSOs, which takes less space work with low devices of 2 GB of RAM. Lower daily goals but more daily mission rewards, availability to switch random mission three times a day. Where PUBG Mobile Lite became available for download, it quickly climbed the charts to become one of the most popular games of the moment. This means that you can not play with friends with the original version and that the moment the game will arrive on iOS is not yet known.

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update  includes the following changes:
  • A pirate theme and more rewards
  • New Outfits and characters added
  • Updated system and settings
  • Customization features added
  • New Emotes added
  • Attractive user interface and update pack size
  • Improved graphics
  • Enhanced combat settings
  • Increased accuracy of RPG-7
  • Bombing zone added

Final Words: This is a very popular game, hope you will enjoy playing PUBG Mobile Version 0.14.0! It has 100,000,000+ downloads on Playstore with 4.4 Star App Rating. You can download this exciting game from the button given below.