SMS Organizer Version 1.1.154 - 2022

SMS Organizer Version 1.1.154

SMS Organizer Version 1.1.154 ProAppApk

SMS Organizer is one of the latest text messaging services which was introduced and developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is considered as one of the smartest of all SMS app ever introduced. SMS Organizer provides users to organize their inbox automatically, it allows us to set reminders,  track our expenses in a very easy and safe method. It is said to be safe because our personal data will not be uploaded anywhere.

SMS Organizer is now one of India's best-recommended app available on Android. SMS Organizer sorts our messages into different categories like personal, promotional, archived etc and it can all be controlled with a single tap. SMS Organizer is an app which contains all important and useful features in one single place.

Some highlighted features of the app with details:

  • Automatic reminders: SMS Organizer allows the user to set reminders and notifications for any upcoming events, about timings set for train, buses, flights etc, It also set a reminder for hotel bookings, appointments with a doctor if any, for paying out bills, etc...What all a customer need to get reminded or notified, SMS Organizer will help us to create a reminder for this.
  • Type with our voice: If you are busy and no time to type your messages which are long, SMS Organizer provides with voice type facility also. We just need to speak into the mike of the device with the help of speech to text feature.
  • Auto back-up: SMS Organizer also has a feature to back up all the messages to our Google drive. Because of this feature even if we lose our phone or for any reason need to format our device, or if we change our old phone to new, the messages stored will not be lost. 
  • Work Offline: SMS Organizer other highlighted feature is that it will work online and offline also.
Final Words:  SMS Organizer is designed in such a way that the user feels easy and comfortable to use this app.  It is safe to use and a user can even block spam senders. It is a perfect app with many amazing features. Even if a person does not use their SMS regularly, this SMS Organizer is considered to be the must-have or must use the app. For easy download of SMS Organizer, click the button provided below: