Subway Surfers Version 1.108.0 - 2022

Subway Suffers Version 1.108.0

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Subway Surfers is an action entertaining game developed by Kiloo, very popular among people of all group ages, similar to another game Temple Run. Firstly you can choose your character by your own choice, then you have to run and save yourself to flee the police in a train station where trains passing at full speed, also so many hurdles which are dangerous and apparently abandoned. You can use different rewards like skateboards or jetpacks to help you to speed up fastly. Your character can run in three lanes, keep swiping your fingers across the screen and jump or roll on the ground according to obstacles and dodge some others. You have to complete many missions and get the reward of coins to buy newly upgraded gadgets.

It is really fun because of the impressive graphics, the model of characters are really funny and attractive with good textures like a treat for kids. Subway Surfers is a very entertaining game that keeps you curious to play the game for hours to break your friend's records. You can see the results of other competitors by a reminder on the screen. Subway Surfers is a free entertaining game, it is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mobile Phones. Its latest version is 1.108.0 which is last updated on 2019, 09, 16. 

Some key features of Subway Surfers:

  • Popular in people of all group ages:  Subway Surfers is an equally popular game in people of all group ages. Everyone interested to get involved in the challenges to break their friend's or partner's records. There is also an opportunity to purchase new gadgets and accessories from your available coins. Completing different missions with seasonal events released the players to achieve them and win gifts. 
  • Lively Characters: In the game, you can choose funny and lively characters names are Jake, Tricky and Fresh. Start to run and begin your escape mission to avoid caught by Inspector and the dog. Later then, you can unlock more attractive characters, choose their outfits and watch them run with upgraded accessories. 
  • Streamline Controls: Subway Surfers is a game that involved in fun and addiction at the same time. Players can use limited controls, to move their hands left and right to optimize the movement. Players can collect more gold coins by the focus on hovering through the obstacles.
  • Unique Challenges:  There are more than 40 levels includes a series of unique and different challenges every mission unlock new challenges and gadgets. 
  • Gadgets to speed up:  The character is given to you is loaded with the mode of transport like hoverboard to get more speed to run fast and get escape from Inspector. Using this hoverboard player can create more distance between your character and Inspector, get more speed to collect coins more in the way 
Final Words: Subway Surfers is an art style animated colorful and more cartoonish game to attract children, men and women. There are four types of players, socializers, achievers, killers and explores, and Subway Surfer's team's purpose is to satisfy each type of player in the game. The popularity of the game can be seen among top downloads more than 80 regions of the world have 1,000,000,000+ PlayStore downloads with a 4.5-star app rating. Click the download button given below to explore its new challenges.