Team Viewer Version 14.6.236 - 2022

Team Viewer Version 14.6.236

Team Viewer Version 14.6.236 | ProAppApk

Team Viewer is a software application which is mainly used for sharing desktop, online meeting and conferencing, for file transfer, etc. It is a software which provides internet-based remote access and support to almost all devices. It is designed in such a way that its operating system supports Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc..

Team Viewer was developed by Team Viewer GmbH, in 2005 in Germany. Now Team Viewer is used widely whole over the world and there are more than 1 billion devices which are using this app. Team Viewer provides remote access to all device very fast, easy and in a very secure way. Because of this remote access, we can control our partner device in such a way that we feel that we are using or sitting in front of the partner device.

Some highlighted features of Team Viewer with details:

  • Remote access to any device: Team viewer provides direct access to almost all device because of its remote access feature. From our own device we can provide support to other devices which are located in any other place around the world with this remote access feature. If there is an issue in our partner device who is located far away, we can provide help by sitting in front of our device through Team viewer remote access function.
  • Flexible file-sharing:  With the help of Team Viewer we can transfer file from one device to another very easily. We can also share multiple files very faster and in a more secure way.
  • Online meeting and presentations: With the feature of remote access it is more useful for business and IT fields. They can conduct the online meeting and online presentation through Team Viewer. Online meetings can be done through audio and video calls. It has high-quality audio and video resolution.
  • Security Benefits: Team viewer is very easy and secured to use. It has an end to end security benefits. Team viewer provides with two-factor authentication method which is an additional security benefit provided to the user.  A username and password are needed to get access to another device and it also provides a one time password for more privacy and security. It also protects the user device from any virus, Trojans, etc.
Final Words: Team viewer is now used worldwide because of its easy, fast and secured features. With a simple click, a user can support other devices which are located totally in a different place. Because of these highlighted features of Team Viewer, customer satisfaction rating has also increased very high and this app has been downloaded and used by millions of customers. For easy download of Team Viewer, click the button provided below: